Three Contractors to Have on Speed Dial

There are some events that can take you by complete surprise and where your home is concerned; ensuring that you have an expert on hand to rectify the situation can make a lot of difference. From household emergencies, right through to being locked out in the rain – here’s a look at three contractors to have on speed dial just in case you find yourself facing an urgent situation.


If your boiler suddenly stops working, if you find that one of your pipes has started to leak, or if you’re facing a water-related emergency that could put you and your family at risk, then an emergency plumber should be the first port of call. These experts will often provide 24 hour assistance to those in need and by having a reliable provider in your phone book ready for a call out, you can rest assured that your water systems will be looked after should the need arise.


If you’re struggling to get into your property after misplacing your keys, if you can’t get back into your car after losing your keys whilst shopping, or for any access-related issues that you might be facing, a good locksmith can go a very long way. As with the aforementioned specialists, locksmiths are typically available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and making sure that you have an expert’s number on your speed dial can spell the difference between getting indoors and being stranded outside.


Another fantastic contractor to have on your speed dial is an electrician – a type of electrical specialist that can help to keep your home functioning in the event of a power outage, a blown fuse, or any other number of electrical failures for that matter. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency within your home and need an electrical engineer to visit your property, or if you simply have a new project in mind; keeping their contact details close to hand can be a huge advantage.

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