Window Repairs – Hire a Glazier

Why You May Want to Hire a Glazier

It may seem pretty straightforward, but there are often many reasons why hiring a glazier for window repairs is so important. From not wanting to be a nuisance to underestimating the severity of an incident involving glass, there are those of us who prefer to set the task aside for another day. Let’s take a look at why you may want to hire a glazier – and why you should do so quickly.

Minor repairs

The first thing that warrants a call to a glazier is a minor repair. Even if you believe that the glass in question is safe and secure, the reality is that a glazier can rectify many small issues quickly – often in minutes. Dealing with glass is extremely dangerous, so attempting to leave a minor repair, or to tackle it yourself, could be potentially life-threatening.

Chips and cracks

A chip or crack may seem harmless or not exactly an emergency, but the truth is that even the smallest issue can turn into something more serious in no time at all. The location of the damage may give you pause for thought too, as windows that don’t get much use may seem like less of a threat. In these instances, it’s still best to call out an expert, as any number of events could lead to the glass shattering and causing security issues or injury.

Many drivers overlook the severity of chips and splits in windscreen glass (especially if these occur on the outside) – but this is the most important event to treat. Stray stones or extra pressure can cause the pane to shatter in seconds, endangering the lives of everyone on board.

Large cracks or splits in glass should, of course, be treated immediately.

Fogging/blown panes

Fogging (or ‘blowing’) can be a minor issue at first, but it can grow into something more serious over time. This event occurs when the seal between double paned glass has been damaged, allowing condensation to form inside. This can eat away at the inner surface of the glass, permanently straining the window. This will eventually lead to a replacement being needed – and more money being spent.

When in doubt always contact Glass Express, as they will be skilled at their job and have the right tools to make necessary window repairs in both a safe and timely manner, so don’t risk your safety  – or that of those you love.